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About Us

About Topdot

Solar panels use energy that is produced by the sun. The technology used to convert solar energy is semiconductor technology. Sunlight gets converted into electricity, which can, later on, be used as power for a household that too for free.

Topdot Solar is a California based established company. With time we have grown exponentially, and we have clients from all across the globe.

The reason why our clients choose us is because of our extensive experience in the renewables industry. Here are a few services that we offer:

25 Year Guarantee

About us

Our Mission

We strive to become the number one platform for clients from all across the globe who are interested in making a transition to renewable energy. We firmly believe that switching to a better renewable energy lifestyle should never be a hassle, and that’s why we aim to offer our services at a cost-effective price.

Our Vision

We envisage contributing more to make this planet more sustainable and assist individuals in making a green transition easily and swiftly.

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Great Customer service

Work With Topdot

We have had the opportunity to work with multiple clients. They range from large corporations to utility companies to municipal authorities. Our clients prefer to work with us because of our bespoke service, reputation in the market, financial stability, environmental credentials, reliable and quality products, and for maintaining an excellent professional relationship with our clients.

If you want to buy solar panels for your home or business, Todpot is only a call away. Give us a call so that we get to know about your requirements in detail.