Benefits Of Installing Longi 350W Solar
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November 6, 2020

Benefits Of Installing Longi 350W Solar

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Topdot Solar – Benefits Of Installing Longi 350W Solar
When it comes to providing excellent solar systems for residential and commercial use, LONGi offers the best products! As more people are switching to green energy, it is important to get only the most efficient solar products for sustainable use. The whole point of going green is to protect you, and the environment. LONGi understands this and designs their solar systems and kits with the goal of providing renewable energy to your home and businesses. Thinking about getting your solar panels? Try the LONGi 350W. We want you to feel assured with every purchase and installation so, here are some benefits of installing the LONGi 350W Solar panel.

Edge-Cutting Design
The sleek design of the LONGi 350W solar panels is innovative with a black finish that gives it an amazing look on any surface. They have a structure specifically designed to reduce any form of power loss with a modern cell series-parallel circuit that increases the rate and performance of generating power. With the LONGi 350W solar panels, you get a perfect system that allows you to save energy effectively and generate faster. The design also enhances power production in shaded conditions so they are perfect for any, and all times.

Hot Spot Reduction
A typical problem of solar systems is the inability to manage hot temperatures due to very high current generating circuits. This causes problems with the panels and sometimes, the equipment connected also develops faults. With LONGi solar panels, you can never have this problem. They work at a low current with a cell string circuit that helps to reduce hot spots, and therefore reduces hot spot temperatures. This is the circuit design that helps to generate power in shading and it has a guaranteed positive power tolerance (0~ +5W) for temperature efficiency. You have the quality assurance that your panel won’t spoil from hot spot temperature damage.

Enhanced Listings Standard
The LONGi Hi-MO X 350W Solar panel modules are the first to meet the Australian Clean Energy Council’s “enhanced listings” criteria. This certifies that all LONGi products are of the highest quality and valid for the Australian solar market, which is one of the largest in the world. By meeting the CEC criteria for enhanced listings, you have all the confidence that LONGi 350W solar panels are a premium standard for residential or commercial use.

Mono PERC Technology
These black-framed modules use half-cut technology which makes them ideal for a tiled roof. When it comes to function, they have mono PERC technology that creates a 20%front-side module conversion efficiency. The panels are high-efficiency and the perfect choice for customers who are particular about quality and sustainability.

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