Five Reasons To Use Solar Power In Your Hotel
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January 9, 2021

Five Reasons To Use Solar Power In Your Hotel

Five Reasons To Use Solar Power In Your Hotel

Successfully running any hospitality business means that you have to meet up to standards without stretching your resources too thin. As such, any avenue to cut costs and maintain the quality of service at your hotel is welcome. And that’s what solar power offers, in so many ways! Switching your hotel’s primary energy source to solar power means installing high capacity solar panels and a complete commercial solar projects balance of system for your hotel and its facilities. Installing solar systems in your hotel can come at a cost, but it is a worthy investment. Need some guidance? Here are five reasons to use solar power in your hotel. 

Save On Bills 

The first and most important reason to get solar installations for your hotel is the cost-saving benefits. According to Energy Star, the annual running energy cost for an average hotel room is about $2196.  This cost is mostly from the HVAC units, and while you can find some alternatives, with solar power, you can still provide standard energy-powered facilities without the high energy cost. When your heavy-consumption equipment goes off the regular electricity channel, solar power helps you save on the cost of energy bills.  

Freer Finances

When you save on your energy bills by switching to solar power, you free up your finances to divert into other aspects of the hotel. You can reinvest your savings to bring about some improvements to the hotel and encourage more customers to patronize the business. You get to capitalize on the added benefits of installing solar power and market your hotel as a renewable energy business to drive growth.

Environmental Benefits 

Solar power is an excellent source of renewable energy and installing solar systems in your hotel places you in line with the global mission to reduce energy waste. Hotels are heavy consumers of power, and when your hotel uses as low as 20% of solar power, it is equivalent to solar installation for multiple homes. Having this environmental consciousness will be beneficial to your hotel. You get more LEED points that also gets you some financial bonuses. 

Positive Media 

By adopting solar power to your hotel, you will be right on the path for positive media and public coverage. The local news will be interested in the high capacity installation, and the positive impact on society means that the communities in your location will support the change. This positive media will give you the press platform you need to market your hotel and gain more recognition.

Increase Customer Satisfaction 

With all the benefits of solar power, the best for your hotel is increasing customer satisfaction. Customers get to enjoy better energy performance and any improvements from the cost-saving benefits of solar power. When your customers get a better experience, they give your hotel better ratings and reviews that boosts business. It’s a win-win! 

In conclusion when you use solar power in your hotel, you enjoy financial, environmental, and media benefits that help your business grow with success. Solar power allows your hotel to stay on top of the global trend while protecting your finances with energy-efficiency.

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