Gratitude For Solar Power
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November 30, 2020

Gratitude For Solar Power

Home Solar Systems For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the best season to take a look back at everything in your life, from people to daily comforts, and be grateful for all you have. On the list of reasons to be thankful this Thanksgiving, we have thought it right to include solar power. Electricity is one of the comforts we enjoy every day but, more recently, the innovation of renewable energy such as solar power has made it even more comfortable. With solar power, we get to enjoy so many benefits. In true Thanksgiving spirit, here are four things we are thankful for about solar power:

Renewable Energy Goals

The nationwide increase in the use of solar power falls in line with the renewable energy goals of the world. There is less production and waste of chemicals used in generating electricity and solar power is more sustainable with earth-friendly materials used in the production of solar products. We are protecting ourselves with limited exposure to harmful pollution, and we are also saving the earth by reducing the possibilities of global warming. It is a fulfilling thing to do and if you have installed your solar panels, cheers to saving the earth! 

Lower Bills 

Anyone who uses solar power can confirm that this is definitely something to be grateful for! With a solar panel, you are using less electricity from your power grid and that means your energy bills are going to reduce drastically. If you have a solar system, you know that there is a sense of relief that comes from knowing you don’t have to worry about the bills when you turn on your air conditioner and other appliances, and that is enough to be thankful for!


Net metering and other state and federal policies offer incentives to customers for installing their solar systems and generating more electricity than they actually use. These incentives come in the form of credits to use power when you are low on electricity, cash returns on the purchase of solar systems, and tax rebates. These benefits, in addition to the optimized function of solar power, make us very grateful to have solar power! And if you haven’t gotten or installed your solar system, it should encourage you to do so as soon as possible. 

Property Value Improvements

When you put everything else we have highlighted into perspective it seems great, but it only gets even better! Although some states offer tax deductions on your property if you use solar power, installing a solar system actually increases your property value. There are several factors that affect how much of an increase your solar system adds to the property value, but you will definitely make a profit when you resale. In fact, you can get as high as a 4% increase in your property value when you have a solar system. More money? That’s definitely something to be thankful for this season! 

The past year has had a lot of downs, but Thanksgiving is all about counting the ups and being grateful for everything. Solar Power makes life easy and comfortable, and for that, we are definitely thankful for it. And if you have installed your solar system, you would be too! 

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