Giving The Gift From The Sun – Solar To Your Home
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December 23, 2020

Giving The Gift From The Sun – Solar To Your Home

Giving The Gift Of Solar

It is the season of giving and nothing beats a thoughtful gift. With Christmas just a few hours away, the best type of gift you can give to anyone, and yourself is a gift from nature. It is honest, pure, and never-ending. Solar power is fast-becoming the preferred source of energy for several reasons including state and federal regulations. Giving a gift directly from the sun does not only define thoughtfulness, it also shows that you care about the earth and you are in pace with global development. If you haven’t considered gifting solar to your home, we have highlighted some benefits to help you decide.


The best thing about residential solar installation is that it is a worthy investment. You get to save on your energy bills and reduce costs in other areas. The initial cost of installation is also subsidized with provisions from certain states and companies that give deductions on the cost of panels or installation. With these provisions, you can afford to install your solar panels and still enjoy the cost-efficiency of low maintenance and high benefits. 

Property Value 

Installing solar panels in your home actually increases the value of your property. The state and federal requirements for solar-powered homes means that more buyers are willing to pay higher for homes that already have solar installations. With your solar system installed this festive season, your property value can increase by as much as 4% of the actual cost of the property, according to a Zillow study. 


In addition to deductions by the state on the cost of buying/installing a solar system, there are also tax incentives and rebates available to customers. Net metering in some states allows customers to claim the credit on excess solar power generated and returned to the utility grid. There is also the federal solar investment tax credit (FITC), which allows customers to subtract 26% off the cost of their solar panel system while filing taxes. 


Solar panels are made with very sustainable materials, which means that they can last up to 30 years in use, with low maintenance. The lasting value of installing solar power this Christmas means that you get to enjoy the benefits of your solar system for a longer period. It is the gift that keeps giving. 

Global Energy Goals

By installing a solar system in your home, you are contributing to the world quota of renewable energy goals. With these goals, there will be a global reduction in the risk and danger of climate change. In essence, you will be saving funds, using a low maintenance system, and joining the globe to save the earth. 

Celebrate The Holidays By Giving The Gift Of Solar

The best gift you can give your home is solar installation. A Christmas gift from the sun is one that will keep giving so, this season, be sure to make plans towards and call for an installation of solar panels for yourself and loved ones. 

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