Installation Of Solar Panels On Flat Rooftops
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October 6, 2020

Installation Of Solar Panels On Flat Rooftops

Over the years, solar panels’ installation has been known to either be ground-mounted or on sloped rooftops. This has made homeowners with flat rooftops think that it is impossible to install solar panels on their roofs. Some have even gone to the extent of reworking their roof to become sloppy enough to accommodate the solar panels. Apart from the fact that this is not particularly effective, the truth is that solar panels can be installed on flat rooftops, and it is not even as complicated as it sounds. Here are some things you need to know about the installation of solar panels on flat rooftops:

  • The main reason for the rise in the solar panel price is in the labor and installation, as these account for up to 10% of the total cost. This cost is due to the risk installers go through when climbing the steep roof and looking for ways to fix solar panels and their mounts. However, flat rooftops help to erase this problem. This is because there is no need to incorporate complicated logistics in installing solar panels on a flat roof. It is easier to move around on the flat rooftops. In fact, there is no need for special equipment when working on flat rooftops, compared to the sloped counterpart.
  • Another benefit of installing solar panels on flat rooftops is that the installers do not have to drill any hole on the roof before fixing the solar panel. For the installation of solar panels on sloped rooftops, the use of a penetration mount is important as this will help create multiple holes in the rooftop for fixing the racking that holds the solar panels.
  • Solar panels on flat rooftops make use of the ballast system instead of the penetration mount. This system holds the panel in place using gravity. This means that the installer does not have to do any form of drilling on the rooftop. The action of gravity, together with concrete block usage, will keep the solar panel in place.
  • The cost of solar panel installation on a flat rooftop might be more, and this is because of the use of angled mounts during the installation process. These mounts help to keep the solar panels tilted. The benefit of this is that the panel will be directly angled towards the sun; hence, enjoying maximum energy absorption. Those using a sloped roof do not need this angled mounts as the roof helps to cater for this option.
  • In the long run, solar panel installation on flat rooftops is still more flexible than that on the sloped rooftop. This is because the flat rooftop offers an easier angulation option. Usually, the solar panel should be angulated southwards at an angle equal to the latitude where they are located. This can be a big issue for homes facing the North, East, or any other direction, not favoring the southward installation.

Most installers might not want to help with installing solar panels on flat rooftops because they often think it is a complicated process. However, there are still a few who are always willing to help out. It is better to search for these instead of reconstructing your rooftop or settling for less.

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