Major Advancements In Solar Panel Technology
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October 16, 2020

Major Advancements In Solar Panel Technology

The solar industry is home to several designs, with various companies bringing in innovative approaches to enhance the efficiency and power production of solar panels while reducing the cost. These solar advancements are evident in solar technology’s two aspects: photovoltaics and the concentrated solar panel.

The photovoltaic solar technology deals with electricity generation from sunlight, while concentrated solar power produces thermal energy from the heat gotten from the sun. This thermal energy can be used to power engines that require heat to function, including turbines and heaters. Both technologies are moving beyond what it used to be, and this is evident in some of the designs recently introduced into the solar market. The major ones include:

Solar Skin

Most homeowners choose to stick to the payment of electricity bills rather than opting for a solar panel option because of the lack of aesthetic appeal it leaves in the exterior design of the home. Some do not like that the solar panels will be installed on rooftops, which makes them separate from the roof itself.

However, with the introduction of solar skin design into the market, solar panels’ installation can now be done with ease. These solar skins are designed to blend with the color and appearance of the roof; hence, making it less obvious. This, of course, does not affect the efficiency and power production of the solar panels.

Solar-Powered Pavements

Another technological advancement is introducing solar energy in generating enough power for street lights on the road. This solar power technology was first tested on Route 66, America’s interstate highway.

The solar installation generated enough energy that could light the LED bulbs at night and melt ice during the winter weather. Following this breakthrough, several roads are already being also considered to enjoy this solar technology soon.

Wearable Solar Tech

The introduction of solar-powered wristwatches and other wearable gadgets has been in the market for a while; however, scientists are beginning to consider incorporating solar tech into home fabrics and wears. This means that solar energy can generate curtains, clothes, and car seats.

This technology is already becoming possible as several textile designers are beginning to try it out, and sooner than later, it will spread across the country and even beyond.

Solar Batteries

The solar battery is another beautiful, innovative piece that has been in the market for about five years. The concept of off-grid solar was first put into practice by Tesla Powerwall when developing the first lithium-ion battery product in 2015. However, this has exposed other manufacturers’ minds to see the possibility of storing solar energy in batteries either for residential or commercial usage.

This price for these storage devices is still on the high side because of the cost of production associated with it. However, the high demand for the products might make manufacturers seek to increase efficiency while reducing the cost.

All these technologies and more are only proving that solar technology has come to stay, and it is best to get on installed on your property to enjoy the best form of energy.

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