Solar Panel Installation And Tile Roofing
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March 2, 2021

Solar Panel Installation And Tile Roofing

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Tile roofs made of either clay or concrete are the most beautiful roofing material that most homeowners tend to opt for. This is especially common in the Southwestern part of the country as aesthetic is given utmost preference. However, with the beauty and appealing looks also comes its brittleness. Although tile roofing can withstand the forces and pressure from the wind and sun, it might not be compatible with solar panel installation. This is because drilling holes into tile roofs can lead to the breakage of the roofing material. 

Since no homeowner wants to spend double money installing solar panels and replacing the roofing material, it is best to know each step to take during solar panel installation. Most installers are better trained to be electricians, and they do not know so much about roofs. Stepping on other roof materials might not be a problem, but the tile roofing cannot withstand so much pressure without breaking.  

Since time is an essential factor for most installers, they will charge the majority of their costs upfront, however if you are on a financing plan this could be included with the panels and the rest of the mounting expenses on a month to month payment plan. The extra cost will cover any damages on the tile roof during the installation process. It is important to find a good installer if you have a nice tile roof, because it will be worth the extra cost in installation for a higher quality installation service, who will not cause further damage such as tile breakage while installing the solar panels. In short a high quality roof might mean that paying for a quality installer who focuses on precision is equally important as finding a good price. So when it comes to solar panel installation costs, it is still important to consider quality concerns, especially if you are the type of person who invests in quality items like an adobe tiled roof as a homeowner.

Different Installation Techniques

The first technique is the Comp-out technique. This method involves removing the tiles in the area where the solar panels are to be installed. This space can then be covered with composite shingles that are stronger. The solar panels can now be installed on the shingles and the space left, if any, will be covered by tiles. The downside to this is that the roof’s waterproof property might be compromised in the process due to the spaces that will be left in the tiles.

Another technique that the installer can employ during the installation process is cutting of the tiles. This involves pulling out each of the tiles and drilling individually into them before installing the roof’s solar panels. The holes drilled in the process will allow the installer to pass the mount through the tile and bolt it on the wood. Although this technique might sound better, it is more dangerous for the installer who has no roofs experience. Also, the fact that clay tile roofs are more delicate makes it a second option for the experienced installer.

The last and most preferred option by many is the S-hook technique. This involves the incorporation of a material called the S-hook to the design of the solar panel. This hook allows the solar panel to be mounted on the tile side and not directly into the tiles. This means that the plate of the S-hook terminates on the side of the roof. 

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