The Future Of Solar Panel Technology
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September 12, 2020

The Future Of Solar Panel Technology

Solar energy has come to stay as it is beginning to reach the far ends of the earth. Several traditional utility solar panels on rooftops and solar farms in the desert are being launched daily in various parts of the world. However, solar panel technology has taken giant leaps in recent years by developing new technology that would revolutionize the solar industry. Some of the top technologies include:

Floating Solar Farms

Floating Solar Farms also referred to as Floatovoltaics are cheaper solar technology that would bring an end to the desert and rooftop installation. The first floating solar farms were installed as far back in 2008 at the Far Niente Winery in Napa Valley, California. This technology is set to increase energy production and efficiency as it is installed on water bodies, dams, and reservoirs.

The photovoltaic panels enjoy steady cooling from the water, causing them to produce energy that is at least 10% greater than traditional solar panels. The presence of floatovoltaics on the surface of the water also benefits the water as it reduces the amount of evaporation and the growth of algae on the body of the water. This keeps the water clean while helping to reduce the cost of treatment and management of the water.

Building-Integration Photovoltaic solar technology

Building-Integrated Photovoltaics, also called (BPIV) are next-gen solar building installation. This technology allows the integration of solar panels to the home without messing with the home design. This is because they are designed to serve as roofs, curtain walls, skylights, façade, and canopies. This means the homeowners can save costs by using these photovoltaics instead of buying building materials.

BPIV technology is a great choice as it has high thermal and sound insulation properties while delivering free power from the sun. You also do not have to worry about carbon generation, as the technology leaves no carbon footprints.

Solar Fabrics

Solar Fabric is another anticipated technology in the solar industry, hoping to see the light of the day soon. This technology is expected to be integrated into fabric designs. The implication of this is that while you put on your clothes and winter wears, you can enjoy the warmth and power your phone and other devices right from your body. Solar fabrics will afford you the opportunity of generating energy on the go. Another advantage of solar fabrics is that they help eliminate installation and mounting cost that comes with the traditional solar panels.

Solar Noise Barriers

Since the installation of traffic noise barriers has reduced the issue of noise generation caused by highway traffic in the US, efforts are being put in place to maximize the usage of these barriers. The US Department of Energy is looking into generating energy from the 3000 miles of traffic noise barriers present in about 48 states in the country. This means the sector is putting the installation of photovoltaic solar noise barriers into consideration. These PVNB installations will provide enough power to serve more than 37,000 homes.


The solar panel technology is growing beyond the traditionally heavy design to more appealing and efficient ones. It would be a great choice to embrace the use of solar energy in your locality, hence helping to make the world a better place.




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