The Time It Takes For A Complete Solar Panel Installation From Planning To Production
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February 5, 2021

The Time It Takes For A Complete Solar Panel Installation From Planning To Production

Topdot Solar

Solar panels are a great alternative to the regular energy you consume on the grid because it defeats non-renewable energy and it saves the cost of electricity bill payment… Most people see it as an outstanding choice compared to relying on what your utility provider will give you with or without your consent. However when it comes to installation, a lot of people on the block may not be ready. And, it is usually because of picking and choosing the best contractors, and finding the lowest costs. This is why many people stall, when they consider installing solar panels on their homes. Unless you are a trained professional, the installation does not happen overnight. 

How To Get Through Several Hurdles For Your Home Solar System

Some of the main steps involved during solar panel installation are selecting and interviewing contractors, technical visit and property inspection, application for incentives and permits, structural inspection, solar panel installation, utility meter installation, further inspection, and activation. 

As much as these steps might appear difficult, the positives is that most of them will be carried out by the contractor in charge of the project. However, this does not remove the fact that there will be waiting periods in between each procedure, which can take up to a month or two before the total completion of the solar installation project.

Then you will have to reach the physical obstacles of the installation. 

Contractor Selection & Interviewing: 

It is important to note that you cannot just go ahead and buy solar panels, hoping to install them on your own. You need to employ the expertise of a trained contractor to help you out. It is best to look out for more than one to have enough options to select from. You can then go ahead, interview them, and make your preferred selection based on experience and project budget. 


Referrals are also a great way to get good contractors with several positive reviews. Finding a reputable contractor is a good starting point, but getting there can be hard, and relying on your friends advice may be the best option.

Technical Site Audit Visit & Property Inspection: 

Before the contractor signs the contract and agrees to the terms, they will most likely request a site inspection. This will help them have prior knowledge of the property they are working with and the roof they will be mounting the solar panels on. It is best to only select contractors who will want to inspect, as it will make the job easier in the long run.


Before installing solar panels, permits must be gotten from the local authorities and the utility company to complete the installation. Also, some municipalities offer incentives to those intending to install solar panels on their properties. This will help motivate them to take a step towards installation. However, this part can be handled by the employed contractor.

Structural Inspection: 

It is also important to allow a geotechnical inspection before mounting the solar panels. This is especially important for ground-mounted solar panels. You might have to do the job of informing the authorities about the inspection.

Solar Panel Installation: 

Once all the permits have been approved, the next step is to get the installer to work on the roof’s solar panels. This should take about a day or two, depending on the size and number of solar panels to be used. The mounting can even take an average installer a day or two; however. And, the bulk of the homes  involved usually takes months before completion, unless you are able to find an installer who is well equipped and ready, while meeting your price issues. This is why it is so important to find a good group of solar panel installation contractors. Without making the right choices, you could wind up making  completely wrong purchase decisions. It’s a complicated process.

So Where Can I get Started Fast?

Once the installation is done, the local authority will need to inspect the project before allowing system activation. This can also take a couple of days, depending on the locality. This means that the whole process of solar panel installation can take months before completion. Hence, it is best to kickstart as soon as possible. 

Topdot Solar of course is a great option to find an ideal resource in your installation, and can help you take care of everything from the first site audit, to the permitting and all the way to the inspection. Relying on our installation is a sure win against the competition, so why not try our option? Get a quote now

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