Topdot Solar – Residential Solar: A Profitable Asset
Topdot Solar


January 1, 2021

Topdot Solar – Residential Solar: A Profitable Asset

Tips To Get Higher Property Value With Solar Panels

Solar power has taken the energy industry of the world by storm. With the increase in policy adaptations and commercial and non-commercial installations, solar is rapidly becoming one of the top energy sources in the United States. However, beyond the energy industry, the solar market is also beneficial in various aspects. A worthy investment, residential solar installations have grown to become quite profitable assets. They are explorable on both individual and corporate ownership levels. How has residential solar grown into an equity asset? Are there certain factors that have supported the metrics of growth? Those are some of the common questions among readers, and our answer is with the points highlighted below to explain how residential solar is a profitable asset. 

Surviving The Pandemic 

Solar installations for 2020 didn’t do as well as expected in the solar industry predictions for the year. However, residential-installations for solar came out on top of the situation with remarkable results, even on a global scale. This fact shows the potential for higher scalability and adaptation for the residential solar industry. Loanpal recently announced over $4.5 billion in funding for solar loans, with Sunlight Financial also assigning $3 billion to fund loans for home solar projects. With this extent of institutional financial backing, it is relevant to term residential solar as a ‘safe-haven’ for equity investments in the near future. 

An Expandable Market 

The residential solar aspect of the booming solar industry in the United States is a fast-rising market for investors at all scales. Solar components are increasingly diversifying. Companies are now venturing to manufacture and retail energy-storing components for the balance of systems (BOS). The resources for expanding the residential solar market are made available, especially with institutional financers mentioned above. So, whether you choose to invest in shares of a company or get your personal solar system, you will be on the winning side. Right now, there are over 2.5 million solar systems installed in the United  States. The capacity of the solar industry makes the U. S. solar market one with enough room for residential solar opportunities.

Real Estate Valuation 

Residential solar systems and the real estate industry are interrelated markets. With a residential solar system, the value of a property can increase by about 4%. A 2019 survey reported that 69% of buyers would be willing to pay for a property with high-performing energy efficiency. The newer generation is more interested in renewable energy so, substantial investment in residential solar right now would prove to be a profitable asset whether you choose to resell or rent out. 

Going Solar Is A No Brainer

  1. Your solar panel can be your asset if you can’t afford to invest in a solar-related venture. 
  2. At any scale of your investment, residential solar will yield a positive result seeing as it survived the shrinking economic market of 2020. 
  3. If you are looking for something that would be worth the investment effort in 2021, residential solar might be your best and safest option.

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