Why You Need To Clean Your Solar Panels
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November 25, 2020

Why You Need To Clean Your Solar Panels

A solar panel contains various layers of solar cells that convert photons from the sunlight to usable electrical energy in homes and also for commercial purposes. The solar panel can be installed on rooftops or ground-mounted, where they can remain actively functioning for over two decades. However, the power production capacity of the solar panel can reduce after a couple of times considerably. Most of the time, if well noticed, you will realize that this happens in the drought. This means that the reason behind the low power generation of the solar panel is due to the accumulation of dust and dirt on the surface.

The truth is that solar panels might not require a thorough cleaning mainly because rain readily gets the job done. However, this stops being the case when there is a lack of rain. For instance, large solar panel installation on solar farms might not see rain for a long time, and this can get them to be covered with thick dirt. 

This dirt can reduce the amount of sunlight that strikes the surface of the solar panel, which in turn translates to a reduction in the power output of the panel, even though it is not damaged. Hence, it is important to consider cleaning your solar panel. However, before going ahead to take this step, you need to consider the following factors explained below:

Access To The Rooftop 

This factor is quite essential to be considered for those who have PV installation on their rooftops. Having to gain access to the roof can be pretty risky; especially since the roof is not flat. Hence, you need to be sure you can get to the roof safely on your own, before going ahead to clean the solar panel. If this is not possible, then it is better to employ the services of an expert to get the cleaning done for you.

Drop In Power Production

Another factor you need to consider is the change in the level of power production of your solar panel over time. You can do this by checking the solar monitoring system. This is because getting a good view of your solar panel from the ground can be quite difficult. However, a monitor can do the job of recording the productivity level of the solar panel to you. If you realize that there has been no significant difference over time, then, there might not be a need to opt for the solar panel cleaning option.

Location Of The Solar Panel

The western states have been recording more drought in recent times, and this might be a good reason why you need to clean your solar panel; especially if you reside in these locations. Apart from this, the mounting of the solar panels also matter. A ground-mounted solar panel is easier to clean; hence, cleaning should be done more regularly than the rooftop solar panel installation.

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