Why You Should Get Monocrystalline LONGi Solar Panels
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November 13, 2020

Why You Should Get Monocrystalline LONGi Solar Panels

LONGi solar is one of the leading manufacturers of solar technology, with years’ worth of remarkable reputation in the global market. They produce the largest amount of mono-crystalline silicon wafers among competitors. Their remarkable portfolio has become even more impressive with time, and their solar panels are fast becoming the preferred option for customers. These panels are designed with the best and most advanced features for solar cell performance. Most people would say their LONGi’s greatly outnumber other panels when it comes to efficiency levels compared to actual costs.. Need more conviction? Here are some reasons why you should get a LONGi solar panel.

Global Manufacturer 

LONGi is a Chinese company that has strongholds in the international market for its modern technology and product design. It is a premium global manufacturer and this is well backed by the strength of research and development put into the process. LONGi provides the best solutions for solar energy through the effectiveness of their solar panels, after intensive research into the production of each product. They have also vastly promoted the adoption of mono-crystalline technology across the world. LONGi is a globally-recognized and reputable company so, of course, all its products meet the global standard for quality assurance. 

High-Efficiency Modules 

LONGi has topline solar panels that are designed with bifacial modules that optimize the reflection and recapturing of sunlight. At the peak of efficiency is the LONGi Hi-Mo series. These solar panels use an impressive system of half-cut cells, thanks to PERC technology. This allows for the winning feature of LONGi solar panels, which is the energy-efficiency, to shine through –literally.  The panels can be mounted as either rooftop or ground-mount systems. They are designed to produce energy at very high rates, even under conditions of exposure to low-light. The design of LONGi solar panels also ensures that there is no damage to the solar module, which may occur as a result of temperature spikes. LONGi guarantees high-efficiency modules that actually reduce the temperature of hot spots by about 20degrees, without a negative impact on the incredible rate of energy production. 


Imagine using your solar panel without worrying about damage or the cost of fixing an issue? LONGi solar panels have one of the highest warranty capacities in the solar market which makes them a perfect fit for residential or commercial installation. LONGi offers a 10years warranty on all solar panels and they also have a performance warranty of 25 years. 


For all the greatness they offer, LONGi solar panels are available at very affordable prices, especially in comparison to other top-market competitors. LONGi Solar has an impressive value-based pricing system that also provides a great Return On Investment (ROI) for all customers. By choosing to use LONGi, you are choosing a brand that puts in the work to get the product right and still makes it affordable for you!

Why LONGi Solar?

If you are thinking about switching to solar energy and you need a reliable manufacturer for the products, LONGi Solar is up to the task! When it comes to making the consumer purchase many people choose the LONGi solar panels for their systems, from residential to commercial installation. After buying the panels most people will simply that LONGi suited their needs better than they anticipated and created a more cost effective solution for themselves when it comes to measuring their personal ROI after purchase. LONGi has great well priced panels in both polycrystalline and monocrystalline, and most people are satisfied by their end of the year ROI.

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